Nina Ricci (1883 - 1970)

The Italian-born Parisian designer was the elegant Frenchwomen and their daughter's, favourite. She married Luigi Ricci who with she settled in Paris where she created her maison in 1932. The couple had a son, Robert Ricci who will be the one to rule Nina Ricci till the 1990s. Opposed to the "garçonne" standards praised by fashion designers  like Coco Chanel, Ricci would rather design romantic and feminine garments that would convey “L'Air du Temps”, as her famous perfume released in 1948 expresses. Its iconic bottle was designed by Lalique, with its dove on top, and became an international hit, to which artists such as Andy Warhol or David Hamilton collaborated. Nina Ricci was sold in 1998 to the Spanish holding Puig Beauty&Fashion but the brand still evokes timeless femininity and gracefulness.