Catherine Guiol

Advertising video expert

Catherine Guiol is permanently on the lookout for directors for corporate films and advertising – the well-known, young talents, and those that who might not have thought of. Her work consists of maximizing the client’s budget without ever sacrificing quality.
Over the years she has used her savoir-faire as head of production at a number of different agencies. Today she runs Fishing Today, where she continues to bring her energy to the creation of commissioned film projects. 

Fabrice Argelas

Film expert

By day, Fabrice Argelas is a journalist and works at a celebrity magazine. At night, he watches films. Tons of films. Any film, really, as long there are credits and some actors in it (then again…). Everything that hits our various screens, even by chance. From Tarantino to Gabin, Monroe to Lynch, Russian to Japanese, Truffaut to Spike Lee. Comedies, westerns, buddy movies, film noir, musicals, romances, dramas, kids films and burlesque, fantasy, horror, genre films, films that make you cry, classics, silent films, biopics, and even (and this is saying something) old French comedies (to give you an idea, he’s seen that old turkey The Seventh Company Outdoors 11 times).
The films he’d take to a desert island? Francis Ford Coppola’s The Godfather: Part II (“the arrival of the Italians in New York in the early 20th century is untouchable”); Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey (because he still doesn’t understood anything about the story, which leaves some hope for the 37th viewing); and King Kong vs. Godzilla, the 1962 version, obviously (because, well, why not?). 

Corentin Hamel

Contemporary art expert

Born in 1978, Corentin Hamel lives and works in Paris. He undertook doctorial work in curation at the Pavillon/Palais de Tokyo, Paris. He founded and ran the Galerie Corentin Hamel until 2005, producing exhibitions and events, as well as taking part in art fairs such as FIAC, Artissima Turin and Liste Basel. He has curated exhibitions internationally (including in Vienna and Bratislava) and run conferences in Phnom Penh, Sapporo and La Paz. He teaches art distribution at the University of Paris 8 and has contributed to Art 21 and Slicker. He is currently the co-director of the New Galerie, Paris. 

romain pergeaux

Viral video expert

Romain Pergaux started  as a creative at The Viral Factory London in 2006. That's where he discovered and learned a lot about viral films and viral mechanisms. He moved on to advertising agencies such as Duval Guillaume and Rapp DDB as a creative viral expert. In 2010 he founded Rolls Noise, an agency specialized in social web advertising and brand content. Understanding viral processes and discovering unexpected viral phenomena keep him as passionate as ever. 

Marc Pottier

Contemporary art expert

After training as a fine-arts auctioneer, Marc Pottier worked for the Sawada collection (Nagoya, Tokyo, Paris and New York). He then spent six years in New York as a curator, before becoming a cultural attaché in Rio de Janeiro and Lisbon. He has curated a number of exhibitions, notably of the work of Dan Flavin and Aleksandr Rodchenko. He is currently developing a number of public-art projects in Brazil and the Middle East. 

Marc-Henri Dufresne

Film set design expert

A graduate of French film school Idhec, Marc-Henri Dufresne is currently directing his second feature. He also teaches the history of cinema and is passionate about set design. “I agreed to take part in the cinema section of the Red List,” he says:

“because it’s an exciting and ambitious project that is bound to become a wonderful source of material for a passionate audience, from students to designers.”

Stéphanie Moisan

Showcase design expert

An interior-design graduate of IESAG-Penninghen, Stéphanie Moisan is currently a freelance art director and window dresser for a number of brands. On her blog, Le Journal des Vitrines – the first blog in French dedicated to the activity which is constantly trying out new ideas and which draws its inspiration from many different sources – she shares her latest discoveries and gives new life to necessarily temporary creations. By collaborating with the Red List she hopes to give them an even longer existence.


Architecture expert

A young architect based in south-western France, Jérémy Rinaldi has a flair for intelligent buildings that bring together beauty, functionality, comfort, permanence and environmental respect. As the past and the long-term are inherent in architecture, he is passionate about both historic and contemporary buildings.  

Thomas Schmitt

Urban art expert

Thomas Schmitt (Thom Thom) is secretary of Le MUR, an association that presents its works twice a month in situ, in the Oberkampf area, in Paris. He is a great observer of the major trends of international urban art.

aurélie julien

Furniture design expert

After graduating from EAC (École d’art et de communication) in France, Aurélie Julien became interested in the history of furniture, particularly that of the 1950s. After a Master’s degree in interior design in the US, she worked with Didier Krzentowski from 2001-2010 developing the Galerie Kreo. Since June 2011 she has been gallery director at Julien Lombrail and Loïc Le Gaillard’s Carpenters Workshop Gallery, in the Marais neighborhood of Paris.

delphine de canecaude

Photography expert

Art and photography lover Delphine de Canecaude has long wanted to create a tool that gives as many people as possible access to visual culture. After all, running a com- munication agency means she knows better than most how images circulate, how they speak to each other, and how creatives use them. Hence the idea of training one’s eye and breaking down barriers between artistic disciplines to build unexpected and inspi- rational bridges. When asked to define the Red List in three phrases, she replies, with a smile: night owl, creative, open to all.

romuald Leblond

Fashion and muses expert

Romuald Leblond has spent the past 20 years producing events that bring together fashion, art and design for luxury brands including Louis Vuitton, Cartier and Kenzo. He was enthusiastic about the Red List from the get-go and immediately began searching for images. He uses his background in the history of art and his encyclopedic and eclectic culture to create breathtaking fashion and icon lists.

pierre wat

Fine arts expert

Pierre Wat is a Contemporary Art History teacher at the University of Paris I, Panthéon Sorbonne. He wrote several books about European Romantic painters such as Turner as well as contemporary artists. He also curates exhibitions in French museums.

martin douaire

Performing arts expert

Martin Douaire is a young actor who studied at the Cours Florent, Paris, and has already appeared in a number of plays and TV films. The theater lover dug deep into different eras and countries to put together the long Performing Arts lists, which will continue to grow and incorporate new work. 

Jessica Vaillat

Jessica Vaillat is "the sharp eye" who helped to build The Red List from the start and still does. Both graduated in photography, audiovisual arts and fashion history, she builds new sections and new profiles. As the iconographer and the "Swiss army knife" of the website, she's always on the go to search for new artists, new images, updated captions or information. Day after day, she enriches and updates the gigantic database.

Hayley Dujardin-Edwards

Both graduated from Paris Ecole du Louvre and The London College of Fashion, Hayley Dujardin-Edwards provides The Red List with introductions about the selected artists and profiles. But as you have noticed, her work is still in progress...

The red list's team

Lost out, list in

Over the past two years, the Red List team has worked non-stop to put together the site’s exciting and breathtakingly broad content. Today, the Red List – with its 100,000 images and 6,000 profiles – owes a great debt to this team and its expertise in subjects ranging from the history of art to new technology to the Internet. 

The Red List and Delphine de Canecaude, its creator, would like to thank: Nathalie Azoulai, its editor-in-chief; Anne-Laure Compant la Fontaine, who has managed to unite her artistic culture with a mastery of a huge back office; Jessica Vaillat for her profound knowledge of photography and her exceptionally sharp eye; Siham Gouy, who has mainly worked in the dark, bringing together more than 500 film extracts, with inexhaustible passion and aptness; Anne-Gaëlle Plumejeau, who never took a break while putting together the most glamorous sections, and never let the glitter and stars distract her; Roni Bitran, art director, who designed the whole site; Benjamin Mosnier and its company Kappuccino, who patiently webmastered the site since its first steps.

Finally, the Red List team would never have been complete without the help of its dedicated and smiling interns. Thank you to all of them.