n°10/ A Seed Of Inspiration

March 2012

by Nathalie Azoulai

Why did Japanese photographer Kimiko Yoshida entitle her photograph 21 Painting (Irma Brunner by Manet)? Perhaps the answer lies in the way Manet treats Irma Brunner’s neck: the small vibration in the soft white ruff, a wispy effect that gives the picture a certain piquancy, and is echoed in the black mass of her hair and hat. Yoshida’s self-portrait shows her with an extravagant, scroll-like wimple that looks almost weightless. The artist may have explained her intentions somewhere, but what really matters is the seed of inspiration she seized in Manet’s painting and that grew into this photograph. It’s a tiny vibration transformed into a spectacular crown. Inspiration is everywhere.


Edouard Manet

Kimiko Yoshida