n°100/ Kimiko Yoshida, The Sun Queen

December 2013

by Nathalie Azoulai

Let alone the endless self-portrait dimension of her work, Japanese photographer Kimiko Yoshida deals with more mystery than any other self-portraitist. More than Frida Kahlo or Cindy Sherman because she adds what it means to appear or disappear. Disguised or invisible, she stages every transformation of herself as some camouflage would do. And that's why the viewer is so stunned, so surprised, so sure she wasn't where she is. As her amazing reinterpretation of Raphael's Balthazar Castiglione or her fluorescent Sun King that comes so close to what it is to be awe-struck by oneself. More than any other self-portraitist, Yoshida explores the interaction between psyche and image.


 Kimiko Yoshida