n°109/ Lady Michelle Dockery

February 2014


by Nathalie Azoulai

She's obviously the darling character of Dowton Abbey. From the start, she's the uptight and the high-strung one, always suspiciously observing, aloof and ironical. Some young version of the Countess of Grantham, her both cruel and adorable granny. Lady Mary never lets go, never unleashes any enthusiasm, any cherishing gesture, hardly once with Cousin Matthew accepting his frozen Christmas proposal but never again, not even with George, her baby boy. She always holds it back, keener on whipping sentences than on tender effusions. It's not only her education or her status. It's much more than that for she always goes through hard times when it comes to life. She embodies some kind of feminine Victorian style current fashion photographers translate with assigning Michelle Dockery to doll and robot-like poses. Remember Lady Mary's unforgettable credo, answering her sister Edith who would ask : - Don't you read the papers? - I'm too busy trying to have a life.


 Downton Abbey


 Michelle Dockery