n°111/ Chanel Brats- Karl Lagerfeld

March 2014


by Nathalie Azoulai

One again, Karl Lagerfeld acted  as a spoiled  talented brat nobody dares to blame because it’s so funny, because he makes a laugh of ready-to-wear fashion that designs and sells serial products, because it is so Instagram relevant and so amusing to imagine a brainstorming meeting where Karl would challenge his staff on naming Chanel products like eggs, oil or cereals as a housewife would write down her groceries.

Even when he declares uncredible statements, we just buy them:  « I like fashion on a daily life-basis.  That’s why I show a woman leaving rue Cambon with her husband and her Chanel bags, on her way to the supermarket where she will find all she needs to make dinner. » Actually no woman really likes to shift from a luxury shop to a grocery store but let’s agree on that…

Thanks Karl, this Chanel Shopping Center looked both Warholian and Jacques Tati-like so that for a second everybody felt this uncanny joy about life being a game, in some kind of doll house, where nothing really matters…


 Chanel by Karl Lagerfeld