n°114/ Whiteness by Varda

April 2014


If you have a chance to watch or re-watch Agnes Varda's 1962 movie Cleo from 5 to 7, just go for it. Forget about the documentary dimension of the film which features what Paris and Parisians were at this time and just focus on the black and white fantasy. The story shows a young beautiful woman who fights all along with the big C. and tries to trick away her deep agony. Those terrible fears we have that can drag us from black to white in a second and then back to black again, where we disappear and wish to vanish for ever. With her subtle sensitive eye, Varda achieves a movie  where white has never been so white, almost translucent, almost fluorescent, a chromatic inspiration some contemporary brands should be aware of…Don't miss the amazing opening credits.


 Nouvelle Vague


 Agnès Varda