n°115/ The Silicon Valley Kids

April 2014


We just put on line a new tribe profile to tackle the Silicon Valley style. Something has got to give with this issue. It's everywhere all about these young smart billionaires that are supposed to rule our present and envision our future. They are even about to be the lead characters of a new HBO show. We know them thanks to movies and magazines, their hoodies and flip-flop everyday wear, their weirdo twitches and mannerisms such as late Jobs' or Google cofounders who used to organize their meetings on physioballs or what so ever. But still, we don't reject them even though they often behave like arrogant brats. Why that? Because we like brilliant kids to confront machines and bring out the best of them  to us. Because we deem new warriors as cerebral fighters. Because we consider them the last shield before the post human era to come…


 Silicon Valley