n°120/ The Lady from Dior

May 2014


Remember how Orson Welles cut Rita Hayworth's glamorous red hair in his 1947 Lady from Shanghaï and how it was interpreted as some kind of punishment for her divorce proceedings and a reaction to the Hollywoodian majors' pressure. The audience didn't like the way the director shook its Columbia idol. Miss Dior spring ad campaign starring Jennifer Lawrence and shot by Patrick Demarchelier might have something to do with it though Dior reports a Kate Moss photographed by Lindbergh inspiration. Conscious influences come sometimes all the way down from unconscious ones. With her asymmetrically cut hair, Hollywood star Jennifer Lawrence appears much more vulnerable than ever, fully exposed and definitely in hold of the powerful brand. Or could it be that contemporary insights blow away ancient symbols?


 Rita Hayworth

 Jennifer Lawrence