n°123/ Down-Glamming

June 2014


Remember how the Actor's Studio liked its stars to appear on and off, showing both their glam face and their casual one, each enhancing the other. When Marion Cotillard choses to play in a movie by  the Dardennes brothers, she knows she'll be glammed down and she goes for it. So that one second you spot her on a Dior billboard, as the unreachable muse of the luxury brand, and the next one, she's a Belgian depressive worker wearing a simple tank top, jeans and no makeup at all. No wonder you'll have to sweep away the glam to make the movie sound just right but still it's tricky. The suspension of disbelief any fiction requires won't come easily and your mind will cling on to the suspicion that down-glamming may be just another way for glam to happen.You won't just seat and forget.  Movies should really watch brand marketing effects and vice versa: should Dior executives fear any down-glamming on their brand?


 Marion Cotillard