n°125/ Smart Funny Faces

June 2014


Remember Judy Garland in the 1948 Easter Parade movie directed by Charles Walters and co-starring Fred Astaire, in which there was this amazing scene: to prove her partner she's much more beautiful than he thinks, she walks down the street making faces so that everyone starts to turn around and look at her. It's her beauty secret, that is her ugly face asset. An asset that selfies have revealed and empowered so much that there's no need any more to keep it secret. On the contrary, faces are becoming a beauty signature, bringing expressiveness, boldness and temper to a pretty face, Cara Delevingne being one of the most influential example of this new trend. As if beauty had enough of self-confidence and glam status to jeopardize both of them and to prove worldwidely that top models can have a sense of humor, which in that case matches a smart brain.


 Judy Garland

 Cara Delevingne