n°126/ The Clock

June 2014


If you come to Paris, you may go to the Centre Pompidou to watch The Clock, a twenty-four hour movie made of thousands of movie excerpts displaying clocks, watches and ticking hands. Slowly, dramatically, minute by minute. It sounds thrilling and when you take a seat in the projection room, the thrill remains. But after a while, you just wonder. What is this tour de force editing all about? Time of course, slow time specifically, as we never experiment it anymore in our 24/7 screen era. Swiss-American sound artist Christian Marclay probably spent years to achieve this project and though it has been acclaimed worldwide and rewarded with the 2011 Venice Biennale Golden Lion,  we cant't help to question the purpose. Actually, it's because of the marathon-like task that we doubt its point, because it's so huge and the intellectual benefit so thin stating that we crave suspense and narrative or that we live in an age that can't tackle a topic without archiving it...


 Christian Marclay