n°133/ Lola Kirke

September 2015

by Nathalie Azoulai

Costarring Greta Gerwig in Noah Baumbach's last movie, so-called, Mistress America, Lola Kirke is to be seriously watched. The  daughter of the former drummer of the British rock supergroup Bad Company and of the owner of Geminola, a famous vintage store in the West Village -that supplied a number of outfits for the television series Sex and the City- she could also be said the cousin of model Alice Dellal or the sister of Domino and Jemima; in a nutshell, the dutiful member of an accomplished trendy clan. Her clumsy and plump figure and her cute lisp make her the next beloved New Yorker to perform self-confidence-free  arty characters. And maybe the next empowering fashion ambassador no one would ever bet on...

 Lola Kirke