n°135/ Back to School Again

September 2014


by Nathalie Azoulai


Let's make this going-back-to-school time the revival of something luxury brands might take away from us and turn into an unaffordable habit: paper handwriting made of letters combined together, chained upstrokes and downstrokes leading to meaning. Some years ago, holidays meant postcards we enjoyed to handwrite by the end of the day to send love to our parents and grandparents but postcards have definitely been replaced by digital texts. Vuitton and Hermès have started to design and sell expensive gorgeous notebooks as they would sell old-times fashion-like trunks and saddles, betting on their soon extinction. So let's make their bet wrong: let's handwrite un-digitally, that is not with one or two fingers but with full hands, without spending outrageous fortunes on it. And come on, let's be happy to go back to school again…