n°138/ Peruginissimo!

September 2014


by Nathalie Azoulai


Art history can be sometimes so unfair and promote good painters whereas some of the greatest remain quite unacknowledged. Pietro Perugino is one of them. But thanks to Paris exhibition at the Museum Jacquemart-André showing 60 of his paintings, this misunderstanding will soon be over and his talent widely revealed. It's not only for his intense colors, his deep red or green curtains and robes, his transparent ribbons pouring on madonnas' hair and neck. It's not only for this amazing dark diptych showing the Christ and the Virgin as brother and sister, or more, as father and daughter. It's also for this sense of gracious style his characters come with, gesturing flirtatious manners you wouldn't expect from an Annunciation or in a Mount Calvary scene. But painting comes first.


 Pietro Perugino