n°146/ Blue Eyes

November 2014

by Nathalie Azoulai

No, iconic images don’t always come from scratch and yes, they may happen to copy older unnoticed images nobody remembers of until…. Take the Inez & Vinoodh’s famous face on hands picture, from series Decades and shot in 2011. Now have  a look at Elton John’s I ‘m Still Standing video shot in Cannes in 1983 by director Russel Mulcahy. Bingo, you got it ! The image was there, showing two pairs of hands with faces- eyebrows over blue eyes over red lips- drawn on them. The fashion photographers may have seen it without even noticing it-or not- until the elusive video picture came across their mind, dragging itself out of their deep unconscious memory…This is art. This is show business.

 Inez & Vinoodh