n°153/ Genesis of a Slogan

January 2015

by Nathalie Azoulai

What does a slogan deal with ?

Unconsicously inspired to French artistic director Joachim Roncin soon after the massacre that took place at  Charlie Hebdo on January 7, 2015 by the English comic-strip Where’s Wally ? –that goes by the title Où est Charlie ? in its French version- the slogan has instanteneously become a worldwide acclaimed statement. Being anyone, Charlie wouldn’t die, says Roncin. He might have also remembered the famous slogan J.F.Kennedy launched in Berlin on June 1963 saying to the world « Ich bin ein Berliner » or the « I am Spartacus » scene in Kubrick’s 1960 movie, which confirms the fact that stating you are someone when you obviously are not stands for missing words, unconditional bonding support and absolute solidarity. Though it could also stand for identity fraud. Roncin explains that, as a graphic artist, he’s been taught a slogan shouldn’t exceed 8 words to be good and that less is always best. Graphically he just put next to each other the typography of the magazine he works for (Stylist) and  Charlie Hebdo’s.

Since then, he’s been receiving and rejecting many offers to brand his slogan.

 Charlie Hebdo