n°158/ Brigitte for Darel

February 2015

by Nathalie Azoulai

When The Red List was launched, its first editorial dealt with the identical twin inspiration of artists such as Diane Arbus or Stanley Kubrick. Three years later, this visual trend reached the ad's shore. Thanks to Etoile Rouge, the ad agency, and to Christophe Roué, the photographer, the French pop singers duet so called Brigitte have just embodied the brand Gerard Darel in the streets of Paris. One will surely recognize the Deneuve and Dorléac sisters' story, so Parisian, so Rive Gauche, so iconic, even though Brigitte goes much further than mere sisterhood. It chooses one single first name to shelter two different persons and boldly makes it a singular noun. And guess what, when one of the two women talk about Brigitte, it definitely sounds like Brigitte were none of them but a third party. Like the invisible child of two people. What if parthenogenesis was a part of this new twinning? And what if people loved it?