n°161/ #NoFilter

March 2015

by Nathalie Azoulai

You've probably heard about the recent Cindy Crawford's buzz whose pics were supposed to be Photoshop free and were not. This little story comes on top of many others starring Beyoncé, Lara Stone as opposed to Botox bashing embodied by actresses such as Uma Thurman or Zellwegger, and brings out a new trend. Let's call it "#NoFIlter" or "#Wokeuplikethis" as selfies addicts put it. The website Filter Faker even offers to tell off the cheaters by analyzing their loaded pictures. It turns out he whole world is longing for truth and authenticity. Don't you daydream too much. it's just another way for brands and stars to redeem themselves and ask for forgiveness after years of lying. So let's sum it up this way and create another hashtag #Justasfakeasever.

 Lara Stone

 Juergen Teller