n°165/ Flaming Fleming

April 2015

by Nathalie Azoulai

Born Marilyn Louis in 1923 in Hollywood, Rhonda Fleming was nicknamed "The Queen of Technicolor" because of her red and glamorous flaming hair and switching from Marilyn to Rhonda to compete with Rita, Ava, and Lana. Costarring actors such as Bing Crosby or Ronald Reagan, Burt Lancaster or Kirk Douglas, she first played supporting roles before getting big parts in kitsch movies but never had her big breakthrough. The pictures show her in sophisticated costumes, with boobs and stuff and those piercing green eyes of hers. One could say though that she epitomizes the spicy red head and that she had this modern cheeky Rene Russo-like figure. Except that no one could ever compete with great singing Rita that seems to have been the one obstacle on Rhonda's road. Indeed who remembers still alive Rhonda Fleming, aging 92 and still married to husband #6?

 Rhonda Fleming