n°167/ Head for Moorehead

April 2015

by Nathalie Azoulai

Agnes Moorehead, Elizabeth Montgomery and Dick York, the famous threesome of the 60s TV show Bewitched, all dead such a long time ago. Some of you may not even know what it is all  about whereas some might remember pretty well. After a supporting actress career including big movies such as The Magnificent Ambersons or Citizen Kane, in 1964, Agnes Moorehead quits movie acting to perform the iconic "Queen Mum" on TV,  so-called Endora. Always teasing and telling off her daughter, Samantha, who never wants to act like a witch and keeps sticking to a human female attitude, subdued to her working husband, Endora embodies biased feminist claims, promoting women's freedom, power and fantasies. As to appear more theatrical-and maybe less seriously committed-, she wears red and orange-haired baroque wigs she matches with purple or green batwing sleeved dresses and over the top faces she might have trained while being taught by the mime artist, Marcel Marceau, in her twenties. So yes, it's absolutely vintage and it's definitely good! Get to know better her profile and her so peculiar temper.

 Agnes Moorehead