n°168/ Ecstasies

April 2015

by Nathalie Azoulai

Have you spotted the ad campaign for Nina Ricci's lately perfume so-called "L'Extase". It stars an erotic and naked Laetitia Casta shot by Gordon von Steiner. No wonder she's just been making love and experimenting some wild ecstasy- although there is no visible sign of any man around. Could it be that she's been through a solitary ecstasy? Of course not, come on! What's so striking about the pics is that she is slipping under the sheets while pulling and sculpting them. On one of the pics, her hand grips the white fabric as to make visible the climax of the ecstasy, metonymically avoiding the cliché of a raptured face. In their 2010 their sculpture entitled The Agony and The Ecstasy, Danish artists Elmgreen&Dragset went even further, showing on their pillow both the gripping of life and death. But this dark ambivalence only belongs to art, not to ad...

 Elmgreen & Dragset