n°170/ Over the Top

May 2015

by Nathalie Azoulai

Speaking of his mentor so called Mr Wright, John Lautner once said: "None of them had anything like Frank Lloyd Wright ... I actually heard in person Gropius, Corbusier, Van der Rhohe, and all of the big ones. And they're nothing compared to Frank Lloyd Wright. They're just nothing." Who is Lautner? The architect that designed the 1973 Hope Residence where just took place last Louis Vuitton fashion show. A  huge and stunning villa, heading over Coachella, in Palm Springs, California. Okay, fashion shows are meant to take place in spectacular places to create the biggest buzz ever. 70s architecture praised organic and ergonomic volumes with which fashion designers might want to challenge their own creations to assure their customers that yes, their clothes suit their life. And last but not least, such a house just claims the supremacy of bold megalomaniac creation with which fashion creators might have something to do. Or the brands that hire them...

 John Lautner

 Frank Lloyd Wright