n°172/ Men of Her Life

May 2015

by Nathalie Azoulai

Anjelica met Jack in 1973, slept with him on the first night and entered a long passionate and painful relationship with a beloved philanderer that would leave her in 1990 for a twenty-year old expecting his baby. As her memoir puts it: "And then we hugged and I felt the floor dropping out from under me, and some wave of forgiveness, and, finally, the hopelessness of a relationship that’s done, flopped, croaked, and over". Even though devastated, Huston would never stop the companionship with Nicholson she still considers both a "swine" and a soul mate. Some kind of a man, just like her father who would, to soothe her, state that men are just men, always longing for cheating and other women. How does a girl manage her way with the men of her life, such a secret always humming in her ear?That could be the very beginning of a powerful novel Henry James could have entitled, What Anjie knew

 Anjelica Huston & Jack Nicholson