n°174/ Into the Loud

June 2015

by Nathalie Azoulai

Once again, art comes across vaginas and it's Marie-Antoinette's currently shown in Versailles Gardens and designed by sir Anish Kapoor. Some are shocked, some are annoyed, whereas we are being very amused. Why is that? Because Kapoor's so called Dirty Corner isn't just another vagina: it looks like the big conic pinna of an old gramophone, as if what French painter Courbet only visualized in his Origin of the World, has come, thanks to Kapoor's wilder fantasy, to carry and turned loud, very very loud. And it's kind of funny to see all Versailles innocent viewers strolling about the "thing" pretending they can't hear anything while they're actually listening up to the deep secrets of this Shadow Mouth but please, sir, why again should it be dirty?

 Anish Kapoor