n°176/ Head of Glam

June 2015

by Nathalie Azoulai

With her black fringe and her thick-framed glasses, Edith Head looks like one of these edgy modern experts the fashion world has been producing like Diana Vreeland or Anna Piaggi, except that she might have been the very first one. A brilliant student at Stanford University, she first trained as a french teacher before she changed her way in the 1920s and entered the Paramount. During decades, neither Bette Davis nor Marlene Dietrich or Grace Kelly-her favorite actress to dress- would make a film without her.  What an odd thing to think that some women just dedicate themselves to the glamour of others? Could it be that with this harsh and severe look of hers, she would never be challenging or threatening any of those gorgeous movie stars? Could it be that as a woman she could design low-key glam costumes male designers such as Adrian or Banton were not capable of? Probably both. Nevertheless, she ended up with 8 Academy Awards, a record no other woman of Hollywood ever broke.

 Edith Head