n°18/ L.O.L.

May 2012

by Nathalie Azoulai

While directing the two stars of his final film, Eyes Wide Shut – a dark story of couples and desire – Stanley Kubrick took a break with the then couple. All the magic of the cinema is exploded in this image – and it reminds us that fiction is, well, fiction, and the real, real. And that if the couple were playing the tragedy of desire onscreen, they were also capable of sitting down between scenes, surrounded by cuddly toys, and having a good laugh. You see Nicole Kidman’s laugh and nothing seems serious anymore. It’s often said that we go to the cinema to forget our daily worries, but here it’s real life that adds a touch of the comic into the fictionally tragic. In Eyes Wide Shut, Nicole Kidman’s character Alice has the final line of the film, spoken in New York toy store FAO Schwarz, and thanks to this photo her “Let’s fuck” is transformed into “Let’s laugh out loud.”  

Nicole Kidman