n°193/ Juicy Fruit

October 2015

by Nathalie Azoulai

Among what Paris Fiac 2015 will display of the ultimate contemporary art between October 22 and 25, there's an old times-like splendor shown at the Elvira Gonzalez gallery and painted in 2011 by one of the greatest contemporary painters, the Spanish artist Miquel Barceló. So-called Ombres de Tomates, it obviously tells everything about the artist's major influences, some Velasquez fashion mixing with Manet and Dubuffet. It also tells a lot of what his own work is made of,  colorful still lifes and highly textured abstract paintings, let alone the obsessive way to paint what matter is. Not any matter but some primary one, just the way there are primary colors, a lifetime observed experience of matter starting like a daily mystery set under a child's eyes, juicing white as Pretomates or red, between maternal hands.

 Miquel Barceló