n°194/ So Long, Simons!

October 2015

by Nathalie Azoulai

After 3 years of creative directorship at Dior, the Belgian fashion designer just resigned. "Unexpectedly", as they put it. His famous minimalistic touch gave to the French brand a contemporary chic it's been losing for years and a vivid connection to what worldwide youth is, from China to Brasil. Dior "jeune fille" has much more to do now with a street styled androgynous figure, the debutante balls she goes to with anonymous futuristic stages, obviously recalling the Berlin rave parties the designer enjoyed as a young man. Indeed, Simons's personal fantasies have been deeply instilling Dior until what? Until he got tired of doing Dior and his own brand? Of running after new inspirations for more and more collections to design? Or was it too much for him when Rihanna came along to embody such an offensive and coarse femininity? Who knows but what's for sure is that Simons, after Margiela and Lang, his masters, will enter, the very prestigious gang of those fashion designers to whom integrity overrides celebrity.

 Dior by Raf Simons