n°201/ Reckless Emmy

December 2015

by Nathalie Azoulai

Born in 1885 in the German Empire, Emmy Hennings is a performer, a puppeteer and a poet better known as Dadaist Hugo Ball's companion and wife. Co-founder of Zurich famous Cabaret Voltaire in 1916, a landmark in Dada revolution, Hennings has always been some ribald vagabond character performing all around European stages. A proper wild avant-garde female artist so different from all the beautiful women the Surrealists will choose to be inspired and worshiped by, she even occasionally resorted to prostitution to support herself and her partner. And it shows. Just look at her face, her hairstyle and her attitudes: she reminds me of a reckless Diane Arbus or some other modern artist, both bold and dark, delicate and intense, driven from the inside no matter what... German documents about her could be precious and useful to translate into English as to turn Emmy into some contemporary lifestyle or fashion inspiring figure...

 Emmy Hennings