n°202/ Our Christmas Tree

December 2015

by Nathalie Azoulai

Watching our Christmas trees, we all daydream of a deep green forest to catch our breath, of flowers falling from the sky, of colorful petals glowing in our meadows. And guess what? British artist Rebecca Louise Law just made our wishes come true. Trained in fine art at Newcastle University, Law has been working with natural materials for 17 years. Some might say she's more of a floral artist, some might say she's a proper creator. Let's not choose and enter her own garden to stare at her Flora & Fauna vanities or at her Birthday Chairs. Her flowers stand for living sculptures that would dry during the show, in front of the viewers, and turn into a different vegetable matter. Just like our Christmas trees drying above our Christmas presents. Merry Christmas to all!

 Rebecca Louise Law