n°21/ There is No Sexual Relationship

May 2012

by Nathalie Azoulai

We are used to being told that Hitchcock's actresses look like nice and smart but frigid, that female sexuality was too dark for him to be shown and that he prefered cinematographic hints or tricks and analogies to express his fantasies. This is common thinking about Hitch. How about adding to this statement that he mainly hired gay actors such as Cary Grant or Jimmy Stewart? One can be quite confused... Hitchcock's starring couples were most of the time totally fake and unlikely. Male characters being embodied by homosexual men couldn't stand to kiss or love a woman. In other words, there would be no other sexual life in Hitchcock's movies but impossible or, as French psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan once said: "There is no sexual relationship."
How about sexy Sean Connery coming along the way in one of the last Hitchcok's movies, Marnie, suddenly bringing back straight heterosexuality into the field?

Alfred Hitchcock