n°210/ Unhealthy

February 2016

by Nathalie Azoulai

Gorgeous classy French actress Anna Mouglalis seems to be about to launch a new trend. A Chanel dark-haired figure with a husky voice echoing countless cigarettes and sleepless nights. A very French type of embodiment usually dedicated to older generation actresses, remember Jeanne Moreau, Juliette Greco or Delphine Seyrig, that should be doomed by our health-oriented contemporary beauty standards totally tobacco-free. But in the new French TV show, so called Baron Noir, Mouglalis plays an ambitious sexy senior civil servant that would work night after night on her files and speeches, never saying how shattered she might be, never complaining about the reduction of her private life, taking on her to have an unhealthy skin, dark rings and smoky eyes. Even though the camera focuses on her drawn features, Mouglalis still wears silk shirts with no bra and  stilettos to climb the thrilling steps of power.  Let's go for a new trend then: Beautifully Tapée or Health-free Beauty?

 Anna Mouglalis