n°241/ Intimacy

September 2016

by Nathalie Azoulai

An upcoming exhibition will soon open at the Jacquemart-André Museum of Paris and will run through January 23rd,  showcasing Rembrandt in Confidence. Among the twenty or so paintings and drawings, one painting seems to really stick to the title and display its relevancy. It shows his son Titus, while reading. A quiet and tender vision of a son that was born in 1641, one year after the arist's mother's death, and one year before the death of Saskia, , the painter's dear wife, in 1642, the same year Rembrandt will paint one of his master pieces, The Night Watch, commissioned, massive, an obviously non intimate body of work. And still so close, so vivid and moving. In other terms, whether or not he paints personal subjects, Rembrandt remains intimate, his strokes always tangled with his emotions.