n°258/ Emulation

January 2017

by Nathalie Azoulai

Three years before his friend Pierre Bonnard, in 1891, Edouard Vuillard painted La Ravaudeuse, a vertical panel showing a seamstress sewing, her head bent over her long tartan coat or dress. The same kind of black and beige pattern Bonnard will use in a much more faded tone in his Enfant au pâté de sable, in 1894. Both Nabis- did you know Nabis self-proclaimed themselves "prophets" while using the Hebrew word for it, Nabim?-Vuillard and Bonnard praised a sweet observation of domestic life and above all, some rhythmic harmonies influenced by stained glass patterns and Japanese prints, and, last but not least, the obsession for pure color. Creating this meditative Asian-like atmosphere at which you wish to stare forever...

 Pierre Bonnard

 Edouard Vuillard