n°259/ Aging

January 2017

by Nathalie Azoulai

What is so thrilling about some great painters is how they get better while getting older. With his Water Lilies, Claude Monet reaches up some ultimate abstraction, in the 1900s, just as Cy Twombly paints his own abstract flowers in the 2000s. Both are over 70. As for Twombly, far from being some easy systematic solution, his pouring flowers create the dimension his work lacked of before, and reveals, like Monet's Water Lilies do, the restless obsession. With no hiding, no lying, no sneaking around. Purely, utterly, beautifully. And watching the last rooms of Twombly's Paris current retrospective, you just want to melt with emotion, as his pouring peonies.

 Claude Monet

 Cy Twombly