n°261/ Seasonal

February 2017

by Nathalie Azoulai

"There is not a single contemporary painter in the world that does not pray in front of The Dog", says a curator of Madrid Prado where Goya's painting can be seen. Directly painted onto his house's walls sometime between 1819 and 1823, it shows the little head of a little dog about to be submerged by quicksands, and stands like some solitude epiphany in the middle of his work. Almost one hundred years later, Swiss painter, Cuno Amiet, might have remembered it while painting his Snowy Landscape a.k.a. Deep Winter, staging a skier crossing a white frozen sloping stretch, sliding down whereas the dog looks up, some reversed and wintry version paying homage to an unforgettable vision of human solitude. Except for the trail in the snow that could be followed through by some fellow creature.

 Francisco Goya

 Cuno Amiet