n°268/ La Conoscevi?

April 2017

by Nathalie Azoulai

Do you happen to know one of these '60s Italian movies that neither Antonioni nor Fellini or Visconti made? Barely. Directed by Antonio Pietrangeli in 1965, Io La Conoscevo Bene tells the story of a beautiful dizzy creature who likes singing and dancing and flirting. And sunbathing. The first scene  should be remembered as she lies on her towel under a blazing sun you can feel through the subtle black and white film, while listening to the radio on a very very dirty empty beach. And when the radio says it's 3 p.m., she stands all of a sudden and without even putting on her bra, she runs through empty streets to get back to work. Almost naked, with her high-heeled and noisy slippers, asking some old man to help her fasten her bra, another one to spray her with his hose. Daringly poetic. If it were only for that very sequence, it would be worth it. But it's not because it goes on and on. An absolute gem.

 Stefania Sandrelli