n°27/ Modest Painting

July 2012

by Nathalie Azoulai

Contemporary art doesn't necessarily mean abstract or megalomaniacal art. take a look at German painter Gerhard Richter's portraits. A girl looking backwards, as to show as much as can be the magnificient blond streaks in the young girl's hair and her lovely Japanese styled jacket. So quiet and so modest at the same time. Such a simple thing, so domestic, so familiar but nevertheless absolutely moving. Why that? It's hard to say. Because of the softness and the tenderness we feel-the girl being Richter's own daughter? Because life seems so fragile as if some kind of threat was creeping somewhere...Almost a still life portrait hiding the face as to hide the movement of life, that reminds us both of Chardin  and of Hammershoi.
If you live in Paris, don't miss Beaubourg exhibition about Richter versatile genius.


Gerhard Richter