n°271/ Scary Movies

May 2017

by Nathalie Azoulai

Some political periods are so scary that you wish you could forget them by only watching scary movies to persuade yourself that you will never be that scared in real life. According to the consistent tribute he pays to Hitchcock, Brian de Palma did not stop reinventing Psycho's shower scene in many of his films. Take Carrie for instance, shot in 1976 starring the sweet and innocent Sissy Spacek. The teen age girl is having a shower right after her sport class, along with her fellow-high school students. And the worst just happens in front of her eyes, in her fingers, a trickle of blood, some intimate and ordinary blood nobody talked her about. No one could tell fear and stupor could come out of such an ordinary phenomenon but still. Just like in real life, when turmoil rumbles.

 Carrie - Brian de Palma