n°281/ Core Values

July 2017

by Nathalie Azoulai

“I realized in 2008, during the financial crash, that the hundreds of stories I had been working on since the early ’90s were connected to a bigger story,” says American artist Lauren Greenfield.

In a thematic retrospective including past projects like Fast Forward, Kids + Money and The Queen of Versailles, as well as new subjects shot specifically for this exhibit, Generation Wealth is not so much about people who are wealthy. It is much more about having a desire for wealth and, beacuse of hard times, to come back to the simple conclusion that « it’s really the core values that matter: friends, family and love,” says Greenfield. “I hope it provokes thought. I hope it provides a little perspective into where we are in our culture and makes people think about value and values.

Generation Wealth is at Los Angeles Annenberg Space for Photography through August 13.

 Lauren Greenfield