n°29/ The Red List is a Memory Game

July 2012

by Nadia Sheng

I first saw Guy Bourdin's works last year in Vienna at the Kunsthalle Wien exhibit featuring fashion photography throughout the years, Vanity. When I came across "Summer Camp" by Bruce Weber, on The Red List, some older Bourdin' s colorful picture materialized as a layer in my mind and placed itself on top of the former image-the two solidifying in my head as a double exposure. It's a picture for Vogue France, showing five very young girls in a bed with a top sign saying:
" Occupancy by more than 2 persons is dangerous and unlawful."
What if the models were to be reversed? Bourdin's centerfold now becomes a publicity campaign for a top clothing retailer and the other something you'd find on Getty-search terms: "b&w kids sleepover"...
Who really masters the destiny of a photograph?


 Bruce Weber

Guy Bourdin