n°35/ Cheese Your Self

September 2012

by Nathalie Azoulai


Since Warhol, and before him surrealist poets, made it popular and artistic in the 1960s, the photobooth picture has invaded the photographic field. As a one event portrait ( the negatives are stuck forever inside the machine), it seems to be kind of precious in spite the fact that the booths are usually located in very public places such as subway stations or supermarkets. I guess photobooth pictures deal with very individual matters: first, intimacy - as a hidden shot behind a curtain. Second, self portraiting -there is no photographer to take the picture. And last but not least, freedom-you can make all the faces you want. Japanese photographer Tomoko Sawada talks about "an army of me". Curiously, isn't it the best way to be shot with a close friend, a lover or a sibling?
So just say cheese and you will get to The Red List new section called Photobooth!