n°38/ A Magic Touch

October 2012


by Nathalie Azoulai


Do you know Constance Guisset?
She's a 36 years old French designer who first graduated a prestigious business school before she changed her career in 2003. "My work deals with a reflection about visual illusion and surprise. I like to create moving objects that provoke either a lasting amazement or a momentary fascination." Indeed there are movement and balance in every single object she designs like in Calder's mobiles. She can also build bridges between opposite worlds. Just have a look at her wonderful and oxymoric Duplex, both a cage and an aquarium, where birds and goldfishes stare at one another like nowhere else in the real world. She has this magic touch that can turn a simple lamp into a weird nocturnal creature flying among trees.
Constance Guisset is definitely brillant, versatile, poetic and will be soon one of the most famous French designers.


 Constance Guisset