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February 2012

based on an idea by Adeline Amiel-Donat, our first contributor


Who is he? A French writer and theatre director born in Los Angeles in 1973. What drives him? Opening up the idea of what is theatrical by making the text and the staging work in real time, in what might be called a state of tension. He likes to embrace the moment – and the disturbance and the unpredictability that defines it – going so far as to interrupt the show and modify the text as it is being performed. Why? Because for him the accidental is the essential narrative motor, as seen in Breaking, which he created in Avignon,in 2009, or in Writing Spaces, performed in Paris in 2011, in which spectators and actors, armed with iPads, a tool to create random and dynamic dialogue, explored a giant image projected on the stage. Eli Commins, originally a historian, believes that theatre has to inhabit the territory of the present – the news, technological systems, and the flux of nonstop information – to stage the noise of the world.


Eli Commins

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