n°40/ Chronicle of a Death Foretold

October 2012


by Nathalie Azoulai


Breakfast time.The clock on your kitchen wall looks unusual. Did anyone change it during the night? The numbers go like 7, 14, 21, up to seven after 77 and right now, the clock says "31". Wow! Did you sleep so long? Did you drink too much yesterday? Nope. Your mind is cristal clear. So what is that? And then you find out. Obviously these numbers don't stand for hours but for years. And this clock has been designed in 2006-2008 by brainy French artist Bertrand Planes. It's called Life Clock. Its hands were slowed down up to  61320 times, their speed increasing with age. When they will have reached the last number, you will be dead, approximately around your 84th year.
Artists can be so depressing, can't they? Come on, put back your swiss clock on your wall right away!


Bertrand Planes