n°44/ Urban Volcanos

November 2012


by Nathalie Azoulai


Did you know that in our big cities lied little volcanos? Streets like lava flows, one way flames, the other way embers, glittering orange and red. Video Phone Tapping, by native Korean artist Hee Won Lee, is a long night travelling revealing these fire flows as the secret and pulsing arteries the body of Seoul supplies with. Voices talked on the phone about what's irreversible, lost forever, sad conversations about ghosts hatching over the traffic. And then the voices shut up to attend the show, silently, solemnly. So next time you are stuck in your car, whining about traffic, remember you are in a living and poetic body, and that what makes a city so unatural, I mean cars, is in fact its most telluric feature.

 HeeWon Lee