n°46/ Madamas Butterfly

December 2012


by Nathalie Azoulai


Come on, of course he did! Yes, milliner Philip Treacy knew about Velasquez painting when he designed this wonderful Red Butterfly hat for Alexander McQueen. I don't know if the hairstyle was fashionable by 1650s, when Diego painted this portrait of Maria Teresa Infanta of Spain but anyone can tell it's pretty romantic. What is it supposed to mean though? That girls behave themselves like omnipotent fairies- or should we rather say like husband-hunting butterflies? That a girl's head has always something to do with an ethereal cloud in which thoughts always flirt- ooops, flit about . Whatever symbolic meaning you may decipher, great fashion designers are definitely great Fine Arts viewers. Even very futurist Raf Simons can be both influenced by Joy Division and Diego Velasquez. Art is a big open country where anyone can hunt his own butterflies.

 Diego Velazquez

 Philip Treacy