n°48/ Bittersweet Sofia

December 2012


by Nathalie Azoulai


She is such a skilled, versatile and lucky princess,. She can do whatever she wants, fashion design, advertising and above all, movie directing. Of course she had her lucky star named Francis Ford Coppola on whose lap she sat so many times in so many pictures. But since she can stand on her own legs she turned out to be a worldwide icon. A darling quiet icon, wearing gentle little black dresses and flats or walking her children with her gentle husband. As a good girl. But can you really forget the unsetting fantasies her movies deal with? All those good girls she shot in The Virgin Suicides, Lost in Translation or Marie-Antoinette? Sweet blond ladies wandering about and getting so bored with real life. Because this is what Sofia Coppola really means to us: you can behave yourself and freak out. You can have a good life and screw it all along. Evil is boredom, long stretching hours during which nothing ever happens so that you wish you could die. Still waters run deep.

 Sofia Coppola