n°49/ Happy New Year

January 2013


by Nathalie Azoulai


You'd like a fresh start? Some quiet and soft entertainment to wash off your hang over? Just go and have a look at Matt Pyke's profile on The Red List. After he studied in London, he created his own studio in 2004, in the middle of meadows, in Sheffield, UK. Universal Everything is a sort of artistic collective with different collaborators realizing motion and digital design, working through i-chats and conference calls. He believes visual and sound design have to be connected. He creates emotion through the straightness of colours, of movements, or the speed or the energy coming from the sound design. He likes to deal with eternity, romanticism and dizziness. With empathy and anthropomorphism towards his creatures. Go and visit his little creatures dancing on walls. You wish you could join them, be with them, be them…

 Matt Pyke